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Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2011

The ides of March.

Right now, I'm paying attention to two electoral campaigns: the Spanish legislative and the US Republican Primaries. In both two cases, it's difficult to find differences between the main puppets... sorry, I mean candidates. The programs have just been hidden and the debates are focused on the Romney's mormonism or on different Rajoy's salaries. So, to spend Saturday's evening, I went to the cinema to watch the fourth film directed by Clooney, set in the Presidential Primaries of the Democratic Party. Clooney is not only one of the best payed faces of the star system, but also a citizen worried about the political involution of American society. He is a “liberal” in the American meaning of the term. He produced and starred the great “Syriana” to show the inextricable mixture of corporations' interests, corruption, lies and money squandering from federal budget, which is the very essence of US foreign politics. Who overthrew and killed Gaddafi? Are the Taliban

V for Vendetta (the comic)

The city where I am living is not an American ordinary medium-size one. There's, even, a comic shop! So, I had to buy a volume with the complete compilation of this famous comic-book series, (1982-85 and 1987). On this blog, we already reviewed the homonym film (2006) inspired by the comic. Nowadays, the characters and the dystopia imagined by Allan Moore have become more fashionable than ever, in this rare Fall of massive demos against the plunder of public budgets and the democracy's kidnapping. Unfortunately, I am not very keen on comics, but I have enjoyed nicely the drawing by David Lloyd. But not only the arts impressed me. I read repeatedly some of the chapters in order to grasp the deep and abundant topics suggested by the story. There are several important differences between the comic and the film. The comic doesn't stress so much the discussion about the justification of political violence to change an oppressive regime. In the comic, the British Norsfire reg